Well, apart from being an eccentric name that is difficult to remember, it is the name of the hometown of my wife, Anette’s, maternal family.

Here’s a little description of it.
It is in a area in the north of Swedish Lapland, close to Finland (the name is, in fact, of Finnish origin) and not far from Norway

Living conditions, as we understand them, are very hard. The winters are very long and dark, with extreme temperatures, which can drop to -35º C, with barely 2 hours of daylight a day. The summers are much lighter, with up to 24 hours of daylight a day.

The main economy in the area is based on exploiting wood and increasingly on tourism, as there are a lot of people who find the cold exotic for spending a “different” holiday.
In the latest re-organisation of municipalities in Sweden, the village of Korpilombolo came under the municipal area of Pajala.

Pau López Solés


    The Korpilombolo has what only a few has: a kitchen with a discourse based careers and personal visions. Pau, the cook, has no culinary works like a pressure cooker. Korpilombolo, in the carrer del Mar in l'Escala has everything to the millimeter to survive the tide.

    Korpilombolo offers a menu of half portions with the idea of ​​choosing 4 dishes, depending on the appetite and the consistency of each plate, with the condition to choose one dessert because it is essential. We use all the best and closest products.

    The Korpilombolo is an illusion fighting against elements. A cozy little gem of eight tables.

    In the carrer del Mar, in the heart of the little streeets contempt for years by some erratic expansionist aspirations that were very close to extirpate the soul of the fisher ladder now claimed... and missed.

The future of l'Escala also needs to recover this cluster of white streets, giving them life with noble and thoughtful proposals, like Anette, Pau and Korpilombolo restaurant.